About Football Fan Web

Exiled in Liverpool, supporting Bristol City

I often travelled alone to away games. It would have been great to find someone to go to games with, share petrol costs and meet-up to have a beer with. I wasn't the only one with this problem.

This was how the idea of Football Fan Web was born.

Where are you? Who do you support?

With Football Fan Web you can add your location and the team you support. Users can search by location and team. This generates a list of User Profiles. You can click on the profiles to read their information.

That's how you find other supporters of your team, wherever you live.

Perfect for Exiles and non-Exiles

Use Football Fan Web to meet-up with supporters of your team in your home town.

Travelling Away?

Use Football Fan Web to find people to have a beer on away days.

How many Leeds Utd supporters live near you?

Football Fan Web can answer that question - for any club and any location.

It's all about connecting

Football Fan Web helps you find people and connect with them.

Football Fan Web - Helping you to find as many football supporters as possible

We have great plans for the site.

Football Fan Web is free.